Susan Johnson, Jodie Mobly, Lacee Sartors and Denis Welch getting ready to take entries.  
getting ready for the awards.
Brandy Flowers, Karen Magruder, Jeff Flowers and Lynn Hickman getting ready to start the.
Here are pictures from our annual car show fundraiser which was held on September 10th. The show is held every year on the second Saturday in September. Use what you like. I have a few captions under some of the pics but most are just some pics of the cars entered. Let me know if you need any other info.

This is our only fundraiser for the year. We had over 200 entries this year for our 23rd annual show raising over $5,000 which is used to help in the community and for local scholarships . Our 50/50 cash drawing gave $989 to the winner and the other half was given to local resident, John Eric Parker to help go towards his kidney transplant.  Cars lined up down 5-6 blocks downtown on Muskogee street and side streets just west of the Artesian Hotel. 
Also, money we raised after sponsors is going to be around $12,500 not the $5,000.